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The Real Fuller House

I’ve heard of parents who won’t let their kid listen to the radio unless it’s on the Christian station or Radio Disney.  I get that for some ages, but a  10-year-old?  I know of kids who are so sheltered – never spent the night away from their parents, never experiencing anything but home.  I guess they don’t want their kid exposed – to life I suppose.

I recently heard of a parent who said, “It bothers me when my kid says the “f” word.  He uses it all the time.  The other day he said “f” you to me!”  What?  Your kid says the “f” word?  Your kid says the “f” word in front of you?

Another said they just didn’t know what to do with their 8th grade daughter who drinks their alcohol in their house.

For starters, remove the alcohol.



Certainly there are extreme issues that are difficult to handle, parenting…

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The art of enjoying people

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A very precious post, treasure to the soul.

Here’s the latest review, Jacob Abbott’s Xerxes: maker’s of history. If you’ve watched the movie 300, this book will make good sense to you.

Contingency by Paula Wiseman

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A while ago (last year to be more specific) i came across this little nugget, known as Contingency by Paula Wiseman, and i loved going through it. Hopefully it can thrill and educate you as it did me.

Here’s a review of Richard Hammond’s Over the Edge: my story that i wrote up, after finishing the book. Grab it when you can. It’s worth the read.

And here is the video for the live perfomace of the single, Why Me? (Ft. Molline)

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Here’s the official lyric video to my earlier released single.
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Why Me? (Ft. Molline)

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Why Me? (Ft. Molline Of Mission Driven)


Verse 1:

Rain/ the flood/ 8 in the ark/ a remnant chosen by God/ true love/

Surviving in the ark/ but feeling the pain/ of losing family & friends in the rain/ grateful/ but feeling undeserving/ why me God? / I didn’t earn this/ though You call me righteous/ i don’t deserve it/ then he hears the screams of people drowning/ I was a sinner like them/ unclean like them/ & though I repented/ I still did it again/ & right then/ he remembers many things/ that he did to deserve the flood & not the ark/ then Noah weeps/ overwhelmed by Grace/ broken/ he sees God in a new way/ & as the waters rise/ & more people die/ many years later/ we understand grace.


Nothing in my hand I bring/ simply to Thy cross I cling/

Nothing in my hand I bring/ nothing/ nothing/

You loved me when I was incomplete/

Embraced me/ when I didn’t deserve it/

I will never understand/ why me?

Verse 2:

Why me Lord? /  I didn’t deserve it/ we were both sinners/ but you let me live/ when I should have died/ Lord You put Your hand on me/ then You showed me grace/ do receive my praise/ coz/ none of us deserve the ark/ we all deserve judgment/ to die in the flood/ yet You see us in our sin/ & You run to us/ with compassion/ You kiss & embrace us/ & like the sinful woman/; I will bow & weep/ pouring the oil of my life/ at Your feet/ give You best of me/ & the rest of me/ loving much/ because I’ve been forgiven much/ from the ark/ to the cross/ the purpose is shown/ a depiction of grace/ & a call to the lost/ the true picture of grace/ God’s riches/ at Christ’s expense.


Nothing in my hand I bring/ simply to Thy cross I cling/

Nothing in my hand I bring/ nothing/ nothing/

You loved me when I was incomplete/

Embraced me/ when I didn’t deserve it/

I will never understand/ why me?

Verse 3:

God loves you/ & He’s calling you/ from the pit of sin/ that you have been living in/ to set your soul free/ to make your eyes see/ that He’s everything your heart has been longing for/ turn your eyes/ look to Him/ He’s the only hope/ give your heart/ give your life/ give your everything/ if you’re looking for the answer/ it’s the cross/ where the blood still flows/ for the lost/ He loves you/ He died for you/ hold onto His grace/ & turn back to Him.


Nothing in my hand I bring/ simply to Thy cross I cling/

Nothing in my hand I bring/ nothing/ nothing/

You loved me when I was incomplete/

Embraced me/ when I didn’t deserve it/

I will never understand/ why me?


Written & Rapped By: Victor ‘100%’ Muthoka.

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered By: Charles ‘Kash’ Ndung’u for Sura Nne Records.

Recorded At: Sura Nne Records.

Chorus Vocals By: Molline (of Mission Driven).

Additional Vocals By: Molline (of Mission Driven), Abijah & Elizabeth ‘GodsChild’ Wanjiru.

Chorus Lyrics Sampled In Part From: The Rock of Ageshymn (Augustus M. Toplady, 1740-1778).

I have been challenged recently on the subject of submission and how it relates to the role of women in a marriage relationship. In particular, I have been challenged to understand and then prove that the submission prescribed by Scripture is inherent in God’s created order. In other words, the fact that women are to submit to their husbands is not merely the product of the Fall of the human race into sin, but is a product of God’s creation. Even if sin had never entered the world, a wife would still be expected to submit to her husband. Having studied this issue I believe that is a fair statement and today I will attempt to prove it.

It used to be easy for Christians to formulate an opinion about tattoos. Sailors had them. And some prisoners. Other than corpsmen and convicts the only ink you saw in church was on the page.

This is not a pointed tirade against tattoos, nor a defense of them; it’s a jab at bad hermeneutics. I have found that some like to decorate their arguments with Bible verses that have no place in the debate.

These are the three usual suspects…

1. Thou shalt not tattoo thyself.

Leviticus 19:28 ”You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord.”

This one is the biggie. It is literally the only verse in the Bible to actually employ the word ‘tattoo.’ So if you can’t get this one to play for your team, you don’t have a team.

The immediate North & South context of the verse should provide a clear indication that an understanding of Leviticus’ place in the canon of Scripture is going to be a key. The verse below says don’t make your daughter a prostitute. I sure hope that still applies. But the verse above says you can’t trim your beard or the hair next to your ears. Ever been to an orthodox synagogue? The gents who congregate there (and keep the whole Mosaic Law—kudos for consistency) look a little different from those who attend the men’s breakfast at your church, right? If Christians don’t need to apply verse 27, then why do we have to obey vs 28 of the same chapter?

I experienced the arm wrestling tourney between Law & Grace when I preached through Deuteronomy. (See Bodily Fluids & Skin Diseases: Is Deuteronomy Relevant to Me?). It was in that laboratory which I examined how the OT and the NT dance in unison. To be sure it’s a greasy topic to grasp, but I’m confident we can all agree that the verses in Leviticus are not directly binding on the NT church in the same way that it was for Israel (Rom 10:4).

So, Lev 19:28 gets a red card and is sent off the field as too old for this team.

2. Your Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit.

1 Cor 6:19 “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,”

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie that also wants to come out and play every time someone lights a stogie or perforates their nose. Unfortunately for our tat debate, this verse is already busy opposing real sin, namely sexual immorality. It can’t be pried loose from that important function to join our debate team.

1 Cor 6:19 verse is talking about sexual immorality being a spiritual affront on God’s holiness and a contamination of the Church Body. If this verse did apply to the physical damage we allow to deface the façade of our skin (“temple vandalism”), then we need to be consistent. Ever mowed the lawn in sandals, or without sunblock? You jeopardized the temple. Do you maintain your ideal BMI? Ever downed a can of Coke without immediately brushing your teeth? You see the thin edge of the wedge. Why draw the line at ink? So let us let this verse get back to work, while we audition another.

3. Do not be conformed to this world.

Rom 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world …”

This verse is a strong candidate. I like this one a lot. I don’t get why some Christians try their darndest to blend in with what the world is doing. Being holy and worldly at the same time is a messy business.

A common defense is that of contextualization for the sake of the gospel, which is little more than an sophisticated version of, “everybody’s doing it.” And everybody is doing it. In fact, no tattoo is the new tattoo.

There are so many social non-conformists out there, to distinguish oneself one really needs to get creative about not being a non-conformist. A non-non-conf… anyway, I digress. We should be distinct from our cultural norms, if said norms jar with Scripture.Using skin as a canvas for art used to be a sign of non-conformity and anti-establishment sentiment. Nowadays it’s more likely an indicator of boredom, herd mentality, or jejune impulsiveness.
Butsince tattoos are no longer associated exclusively with pagan worship (as in the days of the Celts and their inked druids perhaps), this verse doesn’t apply to this scenario. Nor is the phenomenon still linked with prison inmate pastimes and salty-mouthed seamen.The debate may have been trickier in the transition period, when tats began to go mainstream (say, the early 90s or so?). But that ship has now sailed. The only ones clinging to the tattoo taboo are those out of touch with what the decision to get marked represents these days. It is no longer necessarily rebellious. Tattoo parlors are no longer limited to dingy alleys operated by seedy social misfits. It is no longer alternative culture.So, we are forced to relegate this verse to the bench until “worldly” refers to tattoos again. I’m optimistic that the trend will fade as soon as this generation gets wrinkly. Bible verses contorted by sagging skin will convince our kids’ generation that long-term decisions have grotesque consequences when made on impulse, at age 17.
So, are there any verses left? I propose we stick to what God is concerned about: the heart.This body will be renewed sans scars later, but the soul needs to stay in shape now.

When I counsel young people who want a tattoo, I ask about their heart in the decision.

* motives (1 Cor 10:31)
* parents‘ views (Eph 6:1)
* level of contentment (1 Tim6:6)
* view of modesty in dress (1 Tim 2:9)
* understanding of dishonorable nakedness (1 Cor 12:23)

I like this insightful blogpost by Gareth Palmer, a young non-conformist who has some good thoughts on the issue (and no tattoo).

If examining the heart doesn’t work just have your arty teen turn to Leviticus. By the time they have matured enough to know they’ve been hoodwinked by skin deep hermeneutics, they’ll have outgrown the impulse for a tattoo.

What verses would you use to counsel one through making the decision?
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