Reading Relief in Motherhood

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Interesting book for mums.

4 Mothers

Reading through the essays inThe M Word (edited by Kerry Clare of Pickle Me This)offered rare glimpses into the lives of many women imprinted in very different ways by motherhood.  Honesty seeps through them, along with incisive depictions of pains, prejudices, and (less frequently) the pleasures of motherhood.  There is layer upon layer here – no fluff – and the pages just keep turning.

My closest friends tend to be thinkers, and I’m lucky enough to have been part of some raw and real conversations about motherhood, so the intimacy of the stories presented in The M Word almost felt familiar.  Many of the mothers I know very well have deeply textured feelings about being moms, the kind that don’t fit into neat categories.  I have had my share of these, particularly but not exclusively related to the massive transition (inadequately) called my first pregnancy and birth.  Being…

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