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THIS is parenting 101 👍

The Real Full House

I’ve heard of parents who won’t let their kid listen to the radio unless it’s on the Christian station or Radio Disney.  I get that for some ages, but a  10-year-old?  I know of kids who are so sheltered – never spent the night away from their parents, never experiencing anything but home.  I guess they don’t want their kid exposed – to life I suppose.

I recently heard of a parent who said, “It bothers me when my kid says the “f” word.  He uses it all the time.  The other day he said “f” you to me!”  What?  Your kid says the “f” word?  Your kid says the “f” word in front of you?

Another said they just didn’t know what to do with their 8th grade daughter who drinks their alcohol in their house.

For starters, remove the alcohol.



Certainly there are extreme issues that are difficult to handle, parenting…

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The art of enjoying people

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A very precious post, treasure to the soul.

Life of A Fallen Angel

So many times in this world we take people for granted.

I wish I could sit here and write that I have never done that and would never do that, although I would be lying. If only to myself, I mean it’s not like any of you really know me outside of what I write and so I could paint a beautiful picture of the perfect person I thought I was.

But I won’t.

What I will say is that I’ve taken very good people, people that treated me with love and respect for granted. I thought that they would always be there for me no matter how I felt, what I did, or how I treated them. I have to admit it happened on more than one occasion even in my adult life.

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