Dream of a lifelong dance

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It blows my mind to think that one day you and I will be one; that I will walk down the aisle in my parents arms and walk out in yours; that I will look into your eyes and make a covenant of love with your heart; that I will receive from you a piece of metal with some mineral deposits that will signify your commitment to the journey ahead; that I will have to summarize my consent to your love by a signature on a document drafted by a stranger to our love; that I will have the covering of your name; that Jesus will give you the key to my heart and I will belong to you; that you will be man and I will be wife; that you will be priest and I will be priestess; that we will cleave as king and queen; that you will lead and I will follow.


I know you; you hear God just like Abraham and hold onto His Word; yes you are a man of faith not sight; no my vivacity will not attract you me because you are already praying for me and perceive that i am the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh. You are my Joseph. You love your God so much that you are willing to leave your cloak, lose your job and go to prison rather than sin against your God. You have a vision, you’ve had the seed of God in you since birth hence the wilderness experience that starved you of Egypt and fed you with manna from heaven. Your commitment to me I do not doubt because like Jepthah you keep your oaths to God even when it hurts more than giving birth. A diamond in the rough is what you are. I do not credit myself for seeing the glitter and not the dust; for seeing the devoted king in the faithful shepherd boy; for seeing a mighty man of war in a simple ‘moran’ shielding his father’s sheep from the lion and the bear; no I do not credit myself for seeing King David in David the pretty teenage boy from Bethlehem. It was your likeness to Christ; the only one who has offered me a love so true that gave me the assurance. Real men love Jesus. They don’t seek Him just so that they can build their spiritual muscle and boast about it. They seek Him because they acknowledge their need for Him. You are one such man. Jesus breaks you and percolates His Spirit into your heart so that you are more like Him. I am secure in your love because it comes with a lifelong warranty; knowing that you love Christ more than you will ever love me is all the warranty I need.


I always tell my friends that the best gift I can give my children is a father who not only loves them but also their mother. I am confident that I have that gift in you. I pray that I shall be that same gift to our children from you. I know that God ordained our destiny. He orchestrated the dance, He instructed you to take my hand so that we can begin the dance. Like Ruth obediently resting at the feet of Boaz I put my hand in yours and trusted you to take me through the dance. I was not very conversant with deep things but I knew you were a man of God that is why as you cleared the way to the dance floor, I put a scarlet rope in my heart that marked it as yours. I am a clumsy dancer and many people know it. They wondered why you, a great dancer choose me who was born with two left feet to dance with you. But we danced on, because you had the conviction that Christ had forgiven me and I knew that I  had a new heart, one redeemed of all sin. The Proverbs 31 woman is the epitome of what a Godly man wants. Some days, I score highly on that list; like Deborah I arise as a mother in our Israel; like Anna I wait upon the Lord and the fulfilment of His Word; like the woman with the issue of blood I press beyond everything that so easily entangles and touch the Master’s garment. But there are days when I am missing almost all the verses of that chapter. I am like the woman at the well, experimenting my emotional prowess with everyone that comes along. Sometimes, I give up waiting on God and I think Ishmael is a better plan. At other times, I don’t weep in prayer; I just weep and spill the issues of my heart to pigs. These are the moments when my glass slipper comes off in the middle of the dance, I hit the other couples in the dance, I trip on my gown, embarrass you and even sometimes just drop helplessly on the floor. Understanding that this dance is neither for the perfect dancers nor for the very important people has been liberating. Each time the master picks me up and says “this dance is not for the able, it is for the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame that I pick from the streets and alleys of the town”, so I wipe the sweat on your brow, put my hand in yours, my trust in His Word and we dance on.


I don’t know what the next dance move is. I don’t know how to dance in order to please your parents. I think dancing with a bun in the oven will be complex. I don’t know how to intermarry conflict resolution and dance. I don’t know what the future holds but I am convinced that God choose me to be your life-long partner in this dance and just like Mary I submissively say “may it be done unto me according to thy Word.” You are not a perfect brick, neither am I, but we interlock and are cemented by His Word to rebuild the wall of marriage in our generation.

By Mumbi


  1. Ogwenoman says:

    This is beautiful. God Bless you so much for this incisive piece. Have a prosperous 2012, full of God’s Wisdom and Revelation.

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